Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ryan Epps Home Update!

From  Al and Valerie Carpenter

Dear Friends of Ryan Epps Home,
A team of 18 will be travelling to Ryan Epps Home February 21 - 29. The team will be installing wallboard and painting some of the classrooms at the Michaud community school. We will also lay blocks for the walls around the community center property. The Haitian workers dug the trenches for the foundation and are completing the footings for the wall prior to our arrival.
There are currently 19 children at Ryan Epps Home. We have three sponsors waiting for a child. The community school is going well with 120 children in attendance. Each child receives a daily meal. The February team will carry vitamins to Haiti so the school children can receive a vitamin with their meal. As his senior project, Kameron Knight, a senior at Clayton High School, is building playground equipment for the school.
Ryan Epps Home was recently awarded a $25,000 Duke Endowment Grant through the NC Conference of the United Methodist Church. These funds will be used to build a fence between the home and school, to enlarge and complete the outdoor kitchen, to build a storage cupboard and bedroom closets for the home, to construct bunk beds and purchase mattresses, and to increase the height of the security wall to twelve feet around the property. There are smaller projects available as the funds allow. This grant is truly a blessing to Ryan Epps Home. We appreciate the efforts of all who made the grant possible.
In the last week, we were offered the opportunity to purchase property adjacent to our current property (in front of the kitchen). We have been praying for this opportunity, and last week the landowner approached Yvon with an offer. He said that Ryan Epps Home and the community school were doing a good work, and that he was offering the property to us before offering it to others. The property is small, 5 centiemes (about 0.15 acre), but is at a crucial location for our expansion. This property will allow us to have a play area for the children, a garden, expand the kitchen and move vehicle traffic away from the school. We sent Yvon funds to purchase the land. Thank God for this answered prayer.
Thank you for your support and continued prayers. We will send another update upon our return from Haiti.
God bless,
Al (and Valerie)
929 Mulberry Rd.
Clayton, NC 27520

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

John Kurtz

John Kurtz
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Uncle John was quite the man! He was short but strong. He took risks, even to the point of riding a minibike! He was a constant reminder of the 50's tough guy.

But he also loved his family: his wife (Rhoda), his children and grandchildren.

He lost his legs to diabetes, but I will always remember his brave approach to life as he learned to walk with his artificial legs. He never let his illness defeat him!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Joe Yates

Joe Yates
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This is my father-in-law, Joseph Clair Yates. While he is not a Swartz, his daughter married one! ;-)

I always loved Dad Joe's sense of style which really comes out in this old photo.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Remembering Christmas Past

Kenneth with Alan, Cindy, Kevin
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This photo was taken in the late 60s (I'm guessing 66 or 67). First, I love the “modern feel” of the look: the drapes, the TV, the Christmas Tree, the clothing. Second, remember when people dressed up for Christmas! Third, Kevin, do you still have that tie? It is a keeper.

Of course, I wish I did have the tie my father was wearing.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kevin, Cindy, Alan

Kevin, Cindy, Alan
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As the weather turns cooler and as Fall sets in I can't help but think of harvests and Thanksgiving next month. Here is a picture of me with Kevin and Cindy taken in a field behind my grandparent's house (probably when we still lived next door to them). Don't you love the clothes? Especially Kevin's Autumn colored theme blending in with the corn in the background.

I'm not sure of the exact date of this photo. I'm not even sure of the year.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Garold and Ida Mae Swartz

Garold and Ida Mae Swartz
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I really miss my grandparents.

They were such an important part of my life.

Among my earliest memories of my Grandfather was his willingness to play catch with me, I especially remember him tossing a whiffle ball in my direction.

One of the last memories I have of my Grandfather was playing a game of passing a ball back and forth with him.

Even with the Alzheimer's he could remember that I was one of his grandchildren. God bless him.

Read what my father had to say about him.

Paul in Barnes and Noble

Paul in Barnes and Noble
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Okay, this is my youngest son. How can I not be proud of him?

Paul is currently enrolled in the culinary arts school at Wake Tech. We are so proud of what he is doing and we so enjoy what he is learning - LOL - what a wonderful gift, to be able to share your talents in the kitchen with those you love,

May your abilities expand to bless many with hospitality and generosity as it has been shown to you my your Lord.

Alan, Denise, Kevin

Alan, Denise, Kevin
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A picture of innocence. Denise, Kevin and I at a time when little mattered.